Thursday, September 22, 2011

How to Make a Skirt from Men's Dress Shirt Sleeves

For this awesome skirt, all you need is sleeves from a men's dress shirt!

Supplies: two XL men's shirts, scissors, sewing machine
1. Cut the sleeves off from the shirt. Then cut down the middle of the side without the cuff buttons.

2. Open the sleeves up. The buttons should be in the middle.

3. Pin two sleeves right sides (the side you want to show) together. I matches them by the similar curves at the bottom.

4. Sew down the side you pinned. I sewed in 5/8. Then, pick the next sleeve you want next and pin in on one of the sides of the two you just sewed together. After pinning right sides together, open it up an check to make sure you like the pattern. Repeat for the last sleeve.

5. You should have all four sleeves sewed together! Congrats! Now, lay it open and measure across the top. Measure your waist. Determine what waist size you want it to be. You can trim it or sew a big seam. Two 2XL shirts make about a 30 inch or so waist. You can even add a zipper if you want. I just trimmed it on both sides to match my waist. and sewed it together. I liked the swoopy hem, but if you don't you can hem it.

6. Good job! You're all done!
Now this was my first attempt at a picture refashioning tutorial. Please comment with questions, if something is confusing, or if you like it!
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